Work From (CPH) The World: Tannaz Torabi

Mason Studio | Work From The World with Tannaz Torabi, Project Designer
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

“I sense a notable transformation in my thinking patterns as I strive to cultivate a distinct vision and streamline my thoughts, by removing unnecessary items and focusing on the core whys and hows."

Those are some of many insights Mason Studio Project Designer, Tannaz Torabi, channeled during her first-time visit to Copenhagen, Denmark for Mason Studio’s Work From The World program. The initiative provides Mason Studio team members the opportunity to be sent anywhere they choose in the world to work for a week, returning to bring knowledge and inspiration to all client projects and amongst their colleagues.

Tannaz visited Copenhagen in June 2023, where she participated in 3daysofdesign – a festival that provides a platform for both emerging and established design brands from Denmark and abroad to share their talent. Hundreds of exhibitors welcome guests into their spaces to discover new and beloved collections of furniture, lighting, accessories and materials. Events, panel discussions, dining experiences and other adventures abound.

While sojourning with international designers and Danes alike, Tannaz was inspired by the local industry’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

“Danish designers are gifted in designing furniture, decorative elements that feels timeless and lighting fixtures (both architectural and decorative),” she says. “Simplicity still feels enough. It is welcoming and draws attention to details. I engaged with spaces, creators and their concepts behind developing their design ideas and their innovative thinking on use of materials, to their inventions around material application.”

Tannaz is always on-the-go. An avid traveler that has moved frequently over the years, this venture taught her to be a bit more cautious around consumption. It reminded her the importance of keeping things simple, to question the source and sustainability of products, and their societal and environmental impact.

Over the course of her total two weeks in CPH, Tannaz grew inspired by the many like-minded peers around her; kind people who are solid listeners that demonstrate an exceptional level of precision in their work. “I learned that Danes are highly collaborative individuals, and they thrive on mutual learning and exchange of ideas across diverse design disciplines.”

Tannaz had more invigorating moments in Denmark – check out key anecdotes below and stay tuned for the next journal entry for Work From The World!

Copenhagen made a mark: to be open-minded, receptive to all diversity, culture, lifestyle, and eager to learn from their experiences.

Why Tannaz selected Copenhagen for this design venture: their less-but-better approach in life and consequently in their lifestyle.
Core research was done through: sites visited, meetings held, people met that had a general idea of all places she would like to see and meet, including individuals from Norm Architects, Note Design, MUUTOand cycling brand, Pas Normal Studios.

Tannaz is curious to learn more about: collaboration between diverse teams, how to support colleagues of diverse background and disciplines.

Innovation was found in: experiencing spaces that are designed to support users’ well-being.
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