Mason Studio Art Highlight: Maegan Mehler

As one can learn from our Mason Minute series, the team is multifaceted, talented creatives who produce their work with zeal.

Introducing you to the art of Project Designer Maegan Mehler (@maegrose) today. Maegan’s paintings explore affect and emotive space while questioning the possibilities of the face.

Her large-scale painting, Tender Brass, is a standout piece in our meeting room, while Kisser (Too) and Architect (Squiggle Face) grace the walls above our Atrium and are visible from multiple perspectives within 91 Pelham, inspiring curiosity and reflection.

Explore Maegan’s art – left to right:

Tender Brass
45.5” x 47.5” | oil on hand-cut wood and panel | 2017

Architect (Squiggle Face)
9.5” x 8.5” | oil on hand-cut panel | 2015

Kisser (Too)
18.5” x 18” | oil on hand-cut panel | 2016

Maegan comes to the field of interior design as an artist with a wide range of experience in art and hospitality. With a BFA and MFA specializing in painting, sculpture, and installation, she is interested in the affective and emotive space at the intersection of art, design, and architecture.

+1 (416) 761-9736