Mason Studio featured in Office Snapshots

Mason Studio is a place to learn, connect and reflect. Summertime is always ideal for immersing yourself in the pages of a good book – whether revisiting a childhood classic or unravelling design methodology, our book exchange is a place for discovery and discourse. It’s an integral part of cultivating a culture of experimentation, and a gathering space to work during our weekly collaboration days. ⁠

Here's our three easy steps:

  1. Start at the book exchange and select a good read.⁠
  2. Grab a seat at the study garden to enjoy the good read.⁠
  3. Meet with your team in the workshop to discuss the good read. ⁠

    Some of the many examples of how Mason Studio is a space for ideation, making, designing and building - on projects, and amongst each other. ⁠

    Want to get involved? Feel free to drop off a book that resonates with you! We’re always open to expanding our library and sharing with the community. ⁠

Office Snapshots recently shared more about Mason Studio with their readers – read the feature at our bio link to learn more about the integrated office space at 91 Pelham and send us a direct message if you’d like to stop by for a visit! ⁠

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Photos by Scott Norsworthy

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